Hi there!

My name is Suzanne.

I’m an incredibly lucky wife to Erick and frugal, home-schooling mommy of two precious boys.  It remains a great privilege to run our little family business from our home in the Cape Winelands of sunny South Africa.

As I started my own journey to healthy living I found that I wanted to include more so-called ‘health food’ in my diet—much of which was quite expensive! And I wanted my young family to enjoy these with me (versus hiding mommy’s ‘stash’ in the cupboard because it was just too precious to share…).  To this day, strolling through a health shop (without little ones!) is my ‘happy place’. I LOVE reading ingredient lists and looking at the fancy new products! Making ‘bliss balls’ and ‘superfood smoothies’ (you can find some of my recipes via instagram here) fills my mommy tank and gives me energy to cope with the (sometimes) mundane things of motherhood and school.

That being said, it was simply not responsible to spend our limited funds on these items, no matter how good they were for you.  I was forced to get creative and soon discovered buying health food in bulk turned out to be a lot more affordable.  However, ‘real food’ has an expiry date and our young family often found it challenging to finish some items before that point, which meant affordable turned back to expensive.

But THEN I discovered I was not the only mom who wanted to include all these amazing products in my family’s diet. Family and friends wanted to know how we managed it, considering the apparent expense.  This was how ‘the list’—a comprehensive catalogue of all the bulk items I was buying from various suppliers in and around South Africa—was born.  I took orders once a month and distributed them from our home to a few pick-up locations in and around Stellenbosch.  Today, we have close to 150 items that we source from more than 15 different suppliers across South Africa on the list, with 10 pick-up locations in and around the greater Cape Town area.  And although we’ve grown, our passion remains the same: to provide you and those you care about with healthy, affordable good eats!

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