02 Nov

Next level ‘momtrepreneuring’ with Deskstand

Sitting down is not a productive choice for moms

Real life as a home-schooling momtrepreneur of two precious boys naturally = LOTS of standing (when I am not running or playing 😋)

Sitting down in front of a computer in a separate room behind closed doors (in silence) is an absolute luxury! But it also not a great way to get work done. Any mom will tell you how absolutely irresistible a ‘sitting down’ mom is to her children.  Especially a mom sipping on a cup of tea or coffee! They just HAVE to come and sit on your lap – just when you think you finally have moment just for yourself. But in all honesty, we have to confess that we don’t mind. The boys don’t need to be invited to sit on my lap and I will never say no to a cuddle and kiss.

Deskstand makes ‘work space’ and ‘play space’ the same place!

Yet sometimes you just have to get some work done. My Deskstand brings home life, our ‘classroom’ and business into the same space and helps make me be a lot more productive! I am able to quickly check and respond to emails while the boys are colouring-in, or I can type up a recipe while they build a puzzle. All while still being right there to respond to requests to help find that particular shade of blue pencil, or to wipe a runny nose after a big sneeze!

It remains an absolute privilege to live out my dream of helping ‘real moms’ make healthier food choices for themselves and their families by providing them with an opportunity to buy real food snacks at more affordable prices in bulk.  And all this in full view of my growing boys. They see what it takes and what it means to run a small business.

More importantly, my Deskstand includes them in the slow process of growing a business. They’re there to help edit and decide on images for a blog post or social media post on the computer. They get to ask questions when I am working on a project right there with them. This is priceless, especially as one of biggest aims with homeschooling is to grow and develop independent humans who are able to take care of themselves (and hopefully families—one day!) anywhere in the world.

Improving posture for future back health

Both my husband and I have parents who underwent back operations. So, we are always mindful of our posture. We definitely do our bit to place priority on strength training to help grow strong backs for the future. Standing and working definitely helps with that! Up until now I have been stacking wooden boxes and books to allow for standing and working, but that was against a wall with my back towards the boys—not a very including way of interacting with them, and certainly too make-shift to be a long-term office solution. My Deskstand provides an elegant alternative that will also support my journey towards maintaining a strong and healthy back.

Deskstand is beautiful – and easy to set up or take down

We love to have family and friends over for a meal at our big 8 seater dining room table. When this happens, the Deskstand needs to be packed away. To my surprise, it takes less than 5 minutes to pack up or assemble my Deskstand. So, I have no issues to quickly set aside my work space to entertain our guests.  Plus, I usually don’t pack it away too far just in case I can encourage someone to consider getting one for themselves. My Deskstand usually draws attention in any case, as it is SO beautiful!  The surface is silky smooth to the touch with lovely rounded edges and a neutral colour tone, which makes it easy to fit in with our home decor. Unless we need the space on the table, I actually don’t mind ‘displaying’ it on our dining room table.

Next up: ‘superdad’s’ office

‘Superdad’ has been standing at work for more than year. But this has also been at a make-shift desk. We are so excited to give his work space a beautiful Deskstand office furniture revamp. You can definitely stay tuned for that!

If you are interested in getting your own Deskstand, just follow any of the links in this post to head over to their site. You’ll get more information, including how to contact their team—they are extremely helpful. I am also happy to answer any questions you might have.

Here’s to good habits to keep our precious bodies strong for the future!


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