Martinnaise Ultra Creamy Banting Mayonnaise

Does not contain any added sugars, fructose or starches, added preservatives or artificial colors, seed oils, MSG, or soya, gluten or dairy.

Sold in 400 g and 700 g bottles.

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When last did you check the ingredient list on the bottle of mayonnaise in your fridge? If you did, you might understand why the taste just doesn’t live up to the expectation anymore. Our answer to this problem is to offer you Martinnaise Banting Mayonnaise products that are made with the finest locally grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado oil and Macadamia Oil and natural ingredients – none of which are sugar! So you and your family can have a truly delicious mayonnaise and the peace of mind that this is all Banting! But even if you are not on the Banting/low carb-way of eating yet, give their mayo’s a try. You won’t go back to anything else!

Martinnaise Ultra Creamy Banting Mayonnaise is made from the finest Macadamia Oil giving a luxurious creamy experience that is simply too good to resist. This mayonnaise is ideal for those who don’t enjoy very acidic or tangy mayo’s. It is also ideal for getting creative and creating your own dips.

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