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Health food always seem to be expensive, doesn’t it?

Yet it does not have to be unaffordable.

For this and many other reasons our nuts are not ‘activated’ (you can easily do that yourself!), we don’t have fancy boxes or packaging (we try to upcycle as far as possible) and not everything we stock is ‘organic’.  There are plenty of places where you can buy all these things and more.  But if you are like me and just want to provide your family with real food without breaking the bank and don’t care about the ‘bells and whistles’ as long as the quality of the products are good, then you are definitely at the right place. Our products are real and unpretentious and our little family thrives on them.

All our nuts and seeds have an expiry date of no shorter than three months.
Most of our products keep well in the freezer.
Nuts and seeds are packaged in 1kg and 500g packs (more expensive nuts, are available in smaller quantities).
Our products come from near and far.
We try to use local suppliers when and where we can.
We are always on the lookout for cool new products. Please let us know if you know of a product we should try.
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