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Hi there

My name is Suzanne, and along with my (mad) scientist husband Erick, we run and manage our small family business from our home in the Cape Winelands in sunny South Africa.

Good Eats makes it possible for Suzanne to stay home and home school our two boys, which is why the business uniquely operates within limited ordering windows.

We know parenting is hard, which is why we have a passion for helping mommies fuel themselves and their families with affordable and more sustainable (in bulk) health food staples.

We also know our planet can do with less plastic, which is why our products are sold in bulk and we’re continually striving to make or packaging more earth friendly.

This is also why we have added our beloved Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags to the store. Be the human who packs the snacks this year! Your wallet and planet will thank you for it.

We feel very privileged to play a small part in your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s to more Good Eats for good, healthy living!

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