09 Sep

Spring Cauli Quinoa Salad – packed full of veggies

You can enjoy this veggie-packed Spring Cauli Quinoa salad chilled or slightly warm if, like me, you are not quite ready for the transition into the unseasonably warm weather we’ve suddenly started experience here in the Cape. Isn’t it just amazing how our bodies naturally crave lighter meals and salads as soon as the temperature […]
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03 Sep

Healthy Sweet Treats – Choc Almond Energy Bites

Spring has sprung — and that calls for healthy sweet treats to help fuel more glorious sunny outdoor adventures! Who hoo! These Choc Almond Energy Bites are the perfect on-the-go snack or impromptu picnic treat when you or your little ones need a fibre-rich, low sugar treat to help keep blood sugar levels as sunny […]
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11 Aug

Melt in your mouth gluten-free coconut cookies

These melt in your mouth gluten-free coconut cookies are an absolute hit with the boys! We love sharing them with friends over steamy cups of rooibos during chilly indoor play dates. No wonder they have been on repeat in our home for the last few weeks, alongside our Jet Lag Granola stash. In my mind, […]
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08 Aug

What’s the deal with raw, unadulterated, non-irradiated honey?

What is raw honey? Real deal raw honey can be described as honey: as it exists naturally in the beehive. that is extracted and strained that has not been heated above 47°C. Heating changes not just the texture and taste, but overall health benefits of the honey. What are some of the health benefits? Raw […]
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06 Aug

Fuss Free Cashew Milk – no time for straining & squeezing

This homemade fuss-free cashew milk recipe could’t be easier and hopefully encourages you to try making your own at home, instead of buying it store. (Have you SEEN the percentage of actual nuts in those products?! Let’s not even go into all the additives) As with the majority of my recipes, please adjust the quantities […]
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15 Jul

30 Minute Jet lag Granola

This “30 Minute Jet lag Granola” was the very first thing I made when we came back from our family adventure two weeks ago. I was tired, cranky from being back in ‘the real world’ and not in the mood for a fuss. This is my 3rd batch in two weeks if you were wondering […]
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23 May

Chewy Coconut Pecan Squares rich in protein and fibre

Why buy when you can DIY? These Chewy Coconut Pecan Squares are packed with protein and fibre-rich ingredients naturally sweetened with raw honey and fresh medjool dates. The dates make them super chewy and decadent while the pumpkin seeds add a gloriously, satisfying crunch. Know what you are fueling your family and yourself with — […]
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21 May

Immune Boosting Winter Soup with Vitamin C and Bone Broth

This flavourful immune boosting Winter soup includes so many wonderful, whole food sources of Vitamin C – as well as some bone broth!  Perfect for upper respiratory infections when your throat can’t deal with ‘rough’ food textures. Give your body a fighting chance this Winter by including this recipe to your meal prep during the […]
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28 Feb

Crunchy Granola (made with egg whites)

Crunchy granola lights up my mornings! Sure, I can munch on muesli (if I have to).  There is just something utterly satisfying about biting into a chunk of crunchy goodness. This recipe uses so many of our delicious Good Eats, which I will tag in the shop for you below. Do switch up the ingredients […]
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21 Feb

Chewy Dark Chocolate Cookies

Baby feet and chewy dark chocolate cookies. What more could a momma ask for? I just love offering friends and family a healthy homemade treat whenever we have someone over for tea or coffee.  These are SO good! Hence the fact that the jar is almost finished. It helps that this recipe also comes together […]
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