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A Fresh Focus for Good Eats | A letter from the team

Dear Good Eats Family, 

Many of you have been a part of the Good Eats journey since 2017 when Erick and Suzanne Strauss began this healthy living platform. Some of you joined us along the way and witnessed an ownership change as we, the Rommelspachers and Philips, took over during a new life season for the Strauss family. You may have discovered us recently and be a new member of the Good Eats community. We are writing to each of you to share the next chapter of this story.

Just under a year ago, due to circumstances largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we opted to trial an updated ordering format for our shop, shifting from a monthly order window to a daily ordering system. We aimed to not only ensure that the doors of Good Eats remained open but to stimulate its growth. We gained a new team member, Daniella (who some of you may have met on delivery runs alongside our trusty drivers, Michael and Conrad), and started delivering orders on a bi-weekly basis. Over this period, we closely monitored the trends of our business.

While we have been so grateful to you for the continued support we received during this time, taking the results of the trial and other key factors into consideration, we have reached the decision to steer the Good Eats ship in a new direction. We are hopeful of the avenues this may open for Good Eats but are also deeply aware that this change will have an impact on some of our current community. We will do our best to make the transition a gentle one and to direct you to alternative sources of your favourite eats.

A fresh focus

Within the next two months, Good Eats will shift from offering our current product range to focusing primarily on fresh produce. Our site will close for a brief period as we undergo a rebranding process to represent our new focus (dates regarding this shift will be shared in our weekly newsletter and will be updated below this letter). The Good Eats logo and squirrel mascot, nonetheless, will remain in honour of the beginnings of Good Eats and those who built and supported it. 

Below are some of the primary reasons we chose to take this step:

Supplier strains

The original aim of Good Eats was to engage families in healthy living by offering nutritious foods in bulk at affordable prices. Bulk ordering directly from suppliers accommodated our pricing. The past three years, however, have presented significant supply challenges, both in availability and price. As we source our dry, frozen, and speciality products from several different suppliers, these fluctuations have become unfeasible in the long term. 

When we took over the reins of Good Eats, we brought fresh produce to the table through the connections we share with local farms. By honing in on our fresh produce now, we are focusing on an aspect of the supply chain that we have more control over. 

Master of one

We have felt that choosing one aspect of healthy foods to focus on will help us develop a clear strategy for the future of the business that is pivoted around the perspectives, skills, and connections our current team can offer. Stocking the diversity of products we have stocked up until this point made strategising increasingly challenging over time. 

Localising our offering 

As a team, we want to direct our support more strongly towards our local economy. Phasing out our dry products means moving away from a number of products our suppliers sourced from outside countries. In turn, backing local farms will help us fulfil our goal.

Life changes

Being a small team behind Good Eats, personal shifts have played a role too. Our team is expecting some changes as our members migrate to the next chapters in their own lives. The Rommelspachers are growing their family and so will take a small step back from their current roles and level of involvement in Good Eats, while Daniella will be focusing on her own creative venture full-time. Reducing our supplier logistics will aid in keeping Good Eats alive and kicking, hopefully for a long time to come. 

We trust that you see our heart in this change and we want to truly thank each of you for your support throughout our journey. We have enjoyed engaging with you, packing your orders, and of course, spreading Good Eats for good, healthy living!

We will share more details as the weeks go by and will be available to answer any questions as always.

Warmest wishes, 

The Good Eats Team 

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