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Placing your order

Our shop is only open from the last Friday of each month to the next Sunday. During this time you can place items in your shopping basket and check out to place an order with us. For the rest of the month you can fill up your wish list, and then convert it to an order once the shop opens. Once you’ve registered you will receive email notifications to remind you when that happens (we need all the help we can get in our busy lives!).

Product pricing and availability

Since we are dealing with ‘real food’, the prices and availability of our products do fluctuate. This means that our catalogue varies from month to month depending on the season and availability of products. You may therefore find that not all of your wish list items can be ordered in a specific month.

Should it happen that a product is not available from our suppliers after you placed an order (and paid for it), you will receive a credit note that can be used towards payment for your next order.  Or let us know and we will simply refund the amount.

How long will it take to receive my order?

As our products do expire we do not keep much stock on hand.  It usually takes a week after the shop has closed for that month to source all the items from the various suppliers and to prepare and pack each order.

How do I get my order?

We provide the option of picking up your order for free at one of several locations in the greater Cape Town area, the Northern suburbs, Stellenbosch and Somerset-West. Alternatively, you can choose to have your order delivered by courier. All orders over R1000 receive free delivery! For more information, see our Delivery and Pick-up information page.

I don’t live close to a pick-up location. What now?

We will always try to find a way to get your Good Eats to you without the use of a courier.  You can contact us here to find out if there is an alternative option available for you.

If not, you may also select to have you order delivered by courier (at your own expense) when you check out.

I missed the order date. Can I email you my order?

Unfortunately the logistics of buying in bulk prevents us from filling orders outside of the “shop open” dates. We will therefore not take orders outside of the dates set out on the calendar. Please plan ahead, and buy bulk like a pro!

How to buy bulk like a pro

  • The bigger the package size, the less you will pay by weight. This means that 1 kg packs are always cheaper than 500g ones. Therefore aim to buy a bigger pack and rather portion it out (preferably as soon as you receive it) depending on how long you plan to use the product.
  • Decide which products you use the most and rotate purchasing these, portioning them out as needed.
  • Consider buying in bulk with a friend, sharing your treasure and thereby sparing your budget.
  • Store your nuts and seeds in the freezer where they will last up to a year (i.e. beyond the provided expiry date).
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